Foundation Mathematic Series

Teacher(s) Asher Weinerman (Learning Centre) Prerequisite None Delivery Students can take the course in the Learning Centre, which is an asynchronous learning environment with individual support. Assessment Unit Assignments and Unit Tests (take home and in-class supervised). Description The... Read more

Literacy Foundations 2-3

Literacy Foundations 2-3 –Reading and Writing Companion Course Literacy Foundations 2-3-Listening and Speaking Companion Course Teacher Susan Salvati for face-to-face classes Prerequisite There are no prerequisites for this course Delivery Students attend face to face classes in... Read more

Literacy Foundations 5, 6, 7

Teacher Susan Salvati Prerequisite There are no prerequisites for this course. Delivery Students study in a self-paced format in The Learning Centre. Assessment Assessment is based on written submissions.  Students read texts and respond to the readings. ... Read more


Course Code: Num F3 - F6 Prerequisite Note:  Assessment Required Many of our students have not taken mathematics for a long time or have significant gaps in key areas of mathematics learning. Numeracy courses... Read more

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