Course Code: Num

F3 – F6

Prerequisite Note: 

Assessment Required

Many of our students have not taken mathematics for a long time or have significant gaps in key areas of mathematics learning. Numeracy courses have been designed to teach, review and improve general mathematics skills so that students are truly ready to be successful in the various mathematics 10-12 pathways.  The numeracy courses progress through four main units (F3, F4, F5, F6).  F3 and F4 covers topics such as whole number operations, metric, basic fractions, decimals, ratios, percents, and introductory geometry.  F5 and F6 covers more advanced skills in topics such as fractions, algebra, powers, scientific notation, graphing, polynomials, and problem solving. Elements of all the topics in F5 and F6 are vital to all subsequent mathematics and sciences (Apprenticeship, Foundations, and Pre-Calculus 11/12, Physics, Chemistry and even Biology).

Courses are set up so that students can move through quickly if they have the skills.  It is strongly advised that students take an assessment test to determine if they should begin at the F3 or F4 level. These courses allow you to enter the grade 10 level or Accounting 11 with the confidence that you have the skills to be successful.

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