Literacy Foundations 2-3

Literacy Foundations 2-3 –Reading and Writing Companion Course

Literacy Foundations 2-3-Listening and Speaking Companion Course


Susan Salvati for face-to-face classes


There are no prerequisites for this course


Students attend face to face classes in The Learning Centre


Assessment is based on written, spoken, listening and speaking activities.


Students explore both non-fiction and fiction texts that allow them to develop vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.  They engage in listening and speaking activities that increase their confidence and proficiency with the language.

To see details of this course within the context of the BC curriculum, click on this link.

Completion Opportunities

Students who complete this course may choose to carry on to Literacy Foundations 5, 6, or 7.

How to Register

Students can register by clicking on the following link: or by calling 250-360 4300.