Course Schedules

Here at Continuing Education, we have two options:

Face to Face Courses: Traditional, teacher led courses, with a set schedule.

Learning Centre:  Self-paced courses with a teacher available in the room to help you.

See below for schedules for both options:


Face to Face Courses


Semester three: Monday, May 4 - Thursday, June 25  
Pre-Calculus Math 11Monday-Thursday8:30-11:00 online
Calculus 12Monday-Thursday11:30-2:00 online


Learning Centre Hours 

Monday                          Closed

Tuesday                           Closed

Wednesday                     Closed

Thursday                          Closed

Friday                                Closed


Courses available in the Learning Centre

Grade 10 CoursesGrade 11 CoursesGrade 12 Courses
Foundations of Math/Pre-CalculusMath/Pre-CalculusMath/Pre-Calculus
NumeracyA & W MathCalculus
LiteracyFoundations of MathPhysics
BiologyCareer Life Exploration