Workplace Math 10


Asher Weinerman (Learning Centre)




Students can take the course in the Learning Centre, which is an asynchronous learning environment with individual support.


Unit Assignments and Unit Tests (take home and in-class supervised).


Workplace Mathematics 10 offers students an opportunity to generalize relationships through abstract reasoning, investigate applications of linear relationships and apply proportional reasoning to solve problems.  This class provides authentic learning experiences as our students discover the meaning and connections between the many branches of mathematics and how they connect to other disciplines.

The following concepts will be covered in the course:

  • experimental probability
  • graphs
  • measurement conversions
  • trigonometry
  • surface area and volume
  • measures of central tendency
  • financial literacy

To see how this course aligns with the revised BC curriculum, click on the following link: BC’s New Curriculum


Completion Opportunities

Students who complete this course may choose to carry on to Workplace Mathematics 11 or Foundations and Pre-calculus 10 or they may decide to use this course credit as a prerequisite for post-secondary courses/programs in fields of study such as the trades and health sciences at Camosun College or the University of Victoria.  Check with the appropriate institution for specific pre-requisites.


How to Register

Students can register for this course online by clicking the link below or by calling (250) 360-4300: