Chemistry 11


Asher Weinerman


Pre-Calculus Mathematics 10


Students can register to attend in-person or they can take the course in the Learning Centre, which is an asynchronous learning environment with individual support.


Unit Assignments, Laboratory Reports and Unit Tests (take home and in-class supervised)


Chemistry 11 offers students an opportunity to learn the fundamental concepts of chemistry while developing their scientific problem solving skills in our fully equipped laboratory.  This class provides authentic learning experiences as our students are not only given the opportunity to engage in hands-on experimental activities, but they are also given guidance on how to effectively communicate their findings to their peers and instructor.

The following concepts will be covered in the course:

  • atoms and molecules (the building blocks of matter)
  • the mole concept (a quantity used to make measurements of atoms and molecules measurable)
  • conservation of energy and matter in chemical reactions
  • stoichiometry (used to calculation quantities in chemical reactions)
  • intermolecular forces and solubility within solutions
  • organic chemistry and its applications

Students can learn more about this course by clicking the following link to the course syllabus: Chemistry 11

To see how this course aligns with the revised BC curriculum, click on the following link: BC’s New Curriculum

Completion Opportunities

Students who complete this course may choose to carry on to Chemistry 12 or they may decide to use this course credit as a prerequisite for post-secondary courses/programs in fields of study such as science, engineering and health sciences at Camosun College or the University of Victoria.

How to Register

Students can register for this course online by clicking the link below or by calling (250) 360-4300: