Literacy Foundations

Course Code: LF

Prerequisite Note: 

Assessment required

Course Offerings:
  • Literacy Foundations 3/4
  • Literacy Foundations 5/6

The aim of the Literacy Foundations (LF) program at Continuing Education is to prepare students to enter regular academic classes and to eventually complete a BC graduation program. All students entering the program must write an assessment to determine their registration level. Each course will take approximately 100 hours to complete. Students will work together in classes to improve listening, speaking and writing skills. Student will advance to the next level when they have completed the prescribed learning outcomes of a course. Secondary school credit will be granted on completion of each Literacy Foundation course. All students must be landed immigrants or Canadian citizens. International students with appropriate authorization from the International Student Program may be eligible.

Literacy Foundations 3, 4, 5, and 6 are offered in a teacher directed classroom. Literacy Foundations 6 is offered at the Learning Centre.

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